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"Keening synths, jazz soundscapes and more reverb than is strictly decent. Beard-strokingly cool.”
–UNCUT (UK) Astrocolor "Moonlighting - AstroJazz Vol. 1"

“The voice is undoubtedly one of the strengths of the song, we are literally fascinated by Frances' vocal timbre and her never abused use of vibrato. The elaborate work of the guitars is inspired by the pop-rock of the 90s and also the production in general draws on that particular sound which maintains a strong bond with the natural sound of the instruments... The piece is perfectly constructed and its structure is based on a strong sense of dynamics which highlights the original and fresh writing of the piece. A truly engaging song that totally conquered us." (Translated from Italian)
–ARTISTI ONLINE (ITALY) - Frances Hope "Paradigm"

“GONE” serves as a potent embodiment of multifaceted sentiments—frustration, grief, and the profound act of release. Mixed and mastered in San Francisco by Grammy-nominated Count (aka Mikael Eldridge) and engineered and produced by award winner Neil James Cooke-Dallin, “GONE” conveys an empowering message, urging individuals to release relationships that have completed their chapters and no longer contribute positively to their journey... Drawing inspiration from iconic figures like Carole King, Aretha Franklin, and Erykah Badu, as well as the resonances of Portishead, En Vogue, and the Black Pumas, her vocals exude an entrancing blend of moodiness and sensuality.
– Canadian Beats - Jaxxee - GONE

“Like the dusty record that crackles on an old turntable, Paradise feels both classic and glamorous. Between the blinking, Rat Pack piano melody and harmonic backing vocals, Astrocolor have crafted an idyllic illusion of poolside refuge."
–CBC MUSIC - Astrocolor "Paradise"

Recording studio vancouver island bc canada

Neil is a nurturer of creativity who has created a fantastic studio environment. He supported me through the recording process and inspired me to create something I am truly proud of.
- Roy Vizer - musician - Two Four

Recording studio vancouver island bc canada Neil has the most vibrant and diverse mental musical catalogue, which spans decades of artists and styles. His production method pulls on all of this information, allowing him to bend genres and create totally unique soundscapes. This makes his recording sessions fun and educational, and his studio a place where any musical idea can come to life.
- Claire Butterfield - musician - Fox Glove

From the moment I stepped into Burning Rainbow Studio, I immediately felt welcomed and valued as a creative collaborator and student. Neil goes above and beyond to ensure that every individual who enters his studio feels comfortable and respected, regardless of their background or experience level. What sets Neil apart is his remarkable musical aptitude, which is matched only by his technical proficiency and profound depth of understanding. He possesses an innate ability to seamlessly blend artistic vision with technical expertise, resulting in the creation of awe-inspiring musical compositions. Neil's attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence are evident in every project he undertakes. His relentless pursuit of excellence is contagious, motivating those around him to strive for greatness. Having the opportunity to learn from him was a dream come true. Throughout my time learning from Neil, I have witnessed firsthand his dedication to nurturing talent and encouraging growth. He is a patient and effective mentor, always willing to share his knowledge and provide guidance. Neil's ability to identify and harness the unique strengths of each individual is truly commendable. Under his tutelage, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and developed skills that have had a profound impact on my own musical journey. I wholeheartedly endorse Neil Cooke-Dallin as an exceptional mentor and studio owner. His passion for music, combined with his inclusive approach and tireless dedication, make his internship program an invaluable asset for those underrepresented in the music industry.
- Sarah Sedlock - intern

Recording studio victoria bc canada

Neil’s commitment to furthering inclusivity within the music industry is clear—everyone who walks through the door is made to feel welcome and supported. Through his incredible breadth of knowledge and endless enthusiasm, I was able to explore all aspects of the studio world.
- Cate Charron - intern

Recording studio vancouver island bc canada

We ended our project at Burning Rainbow Studio desperate to get back again as soon as possible. We felt at home in the space and with the process. Neil brings a musician/performer perspective to recording that makes it easy to be creative. He was like extra magic pixie dust that made our album (and the experience) shine.
-Low Winter Sun

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